Remittance Service

To facilitate the growing demand in the field of remittance services, we are associated with some money transfer companies for remittance facilities to our valuable customers. The service is specializing in the delivery of world-class money transfer services to families and friends around the globe. A remittance product of "Neju Guru Saving & Credit Cooperative Limited" is a premium, online, customer-focused Money Transfer Service designed to meet the need of customers to send/receive remittances from various places.

Following are some benefits of our Remittance Services:

RemittanceService pic
  • Convenient, affordable, and accessible remittance services to take pride in happy customers.

  • Safe, secure, reliable, and fast means of transfer.
  • Competitive prices and exchange rates to the customers.
  • Topmost network coverage all over the places with dedicated payout agents
  • Get easily transfer your money with your NejuGuru account as well
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