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We aim to facilitate the customer with the latest technologies available in the market. E–banking is a product designed for the purposes of online banking that enables you to have easy and safe access to your bank account. E-banking or Online banking is a generic term for the delivery of banking services and products through the electronic channels such as the telephone, the internet, the cell phone etc.

Following are some key features:

Transactional Bebefit
  • Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment(EBPP)
  • Funds transfer between customers own checking and savings accounts, or to another customers account.
  • Loan application and transactions such as repayments.
Benefits to Consumers
  • Customer’s account is extremely accessable with an online account.
  • Through Internet Banking customer can operate his account while sitting in his office or home. There is no need to go to the co-operative in person for such matter.
  • E banking has also greatly helped in payment of utility bill. Now there is no need to stand in long queues outside banks for this purpose.
  • Banks are available for 24 hours a day, seven days a week and they are only a mouse click away.
Benefits to Banking Industry
  • The growth of E-banking has greatly helped the banks in controlling their overheads and operating cost
  • Many repetitive and tedious tasks have now been fully automated resulting in greater efficiency, better time usage and enhanced control.
  • It has greatly helped the banking industry to reduce paper work, thus helping them to move the paper less environment.
  • It has also helped bank in proper documentation of their records and transactions.
  • The reach and delivery capabilities of computer networks, such as the Internet, are far better than any branch network.
Benefits to General Economy

Electronic Banking as already stated has greatly serviced both the general public and the banking industry. This has resulted in creation of a better enabling environment that supports growth, productivity and prosperity. Besides many tangible benefit in form of reduction is cost, reduced delivery time, increased efficiency, reduced wastage, E-banking electronically controlled and thoroughly monitored environment discourage many illegal and illegitimate practices associated with banking industry like money laundering, frauds and embezzlements.

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